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American WeatherStar - Your Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving Answer to a Leaking Roof that Wastes Energy

American WeatherStar is a full service roof coatings and spray foam insulation installation company serving all of Tennessee, but centered on the Knoxville area. American WeatherStar installs the latest and most advanced quality coatings and spray foam insulation materials from American WeatherStar, a leading supplier to the roofing industry.

Whether you want to control energy costs, stop existing leaks, or simply want to extend the life of your roof, we have a roofing system for you. Our roofing systems are specially designed for sealing and protecting all commercial and industrial flat roof and low-slope surfaces.

Our spray foam starts working the moment it is applied to your roof and when used for maintenance, our roof coatings may qualify as a 100% tax deduction the first year. The savings to the building owner can be seen immediately and last for the long run. We are pleased to offer long term manufacturer's backed warranties on almost every roofing system we install.

The choice is simple - American WeatherStar seals, protects, and saves!

  • Roof Coatings Save Energy
  • Spray Foam Insualtion Installation
  • Metal Roof Repair
  • Foam Roof Repair
  • Flat Roof Repair
  • Flat Roof Leaks
  • Cool Roofing
  • Stop Roof Leak

More Benefits of a Coating & Foam Roof

More benefits both coatings and spray foam insulation are that both create a monolithic, which means seamless, seal. This is a critical advantage for the building owner. Having a seamless roof means the points where a leak can start are greatly minimized as the most common place a roof leak starts is at the seam. Minimizing the seams = minimizing the leaks.

Our roof coatings are elastomeric, (rubberized) bright white, cool roofing that will seal and protect almost any roof substrate including modified bitumen roofs, smooth built up roof, gravel built up roof, spray foam, concrete flat roofs, metal roofing, EPDM, single-ply, wood, steel, and most traditional roofing systems. These rubber roof membranes are liquid applied and require minimal equipment on the roof, allowing for a "business-as-usual" atmosphere during application of the roof.

Seal and Protect Your Commercial Flat Roof

To get an even more energy efficient building envelope, we can first apply a thick layer of roofing foam directly to the roof before applying the rubber coating. The coatings can be used with or without a spray foam underlayment. The top coat's reflectivity will reject most of the harmful UV rays of the sun, making them bounce off the top coat before harming the roof. Thermo-cycling, the corrosive process of heat from the sun prematurely wearing down the roof due to expansion and contraction, is also greatly reduced when a building is sealed and protected with a cool roof coating.

Professional Grade Spray Foam and Roof Coating Experts

American WeatherStar installs roofing systems that are UL, FM Approved, and Miami-Dade County approved. Energy Star products and systems are also American WeatherStar standards. Our professionally trained staff used the latest equipment to ensure your new foam and coatings are installed right, on time, within budget, and with minimal interruption to your business as usual.

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