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Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are liquid applied, seamless, elastomeric (rubber) roof systems that completely cover, seal and protect the roof top. We can apply these thick, durable coatings to almost any surface including concrete decking, metal roofs, modified bitumen, granulated or smooth built-up roofing, spray foam roofing, even walls and floors. After the coating cures it forms a weather resistant membrane that is tough enough to walk on, so maintenance and repairs to roof top equipment are not a problem.

Roof Coatings are Energy Efficient

The Advantages of a Roof Coating

If we can apply a new coating to your old roof, the first thing we do is not tear off the old roof which saves you the cost of us having to dismantle and haul your old roof off to the landfill. This is an environmentally friendly option because your existing roofing materials stay on your roof, sealed beneath a brand new protective barrier where they belong instead of taking up valuable space at the landfill.

Our coating systems are bright white and reflective cool roofing systems. This leads to lower energy bills and an interior climate that is easier to control. Cool roofing systems also reflect the sun's destructive UV rays away from the building and minimize thermo-cycling, which can lead to premature deterioration of the roof. The less exposure to UV heat and temperature change, the longer and stronger your roof will be.

Another often over looked advantage to a new roof coating is that many of the coatings we install qualify as a maintenance procedure which can result in a 100% tax deduction in the year they are applied.

And maybe the best advantage of all is that coatings we install are backed by a manufacturer's long term warranty that is as renewable as the system itself. With minimal maintenance and yearly inspections, our roof coating systems can last for decades.

What Makes Roofing Cool?

Cool roofing starts with reflectivity - the roof's ability to reflect the heat from the sun away from the building - and this relies on the color of the roof. Traditional black roofs absorb most of the this heat, while the brightness of a lightly colored roof coating reflects most of that same heat. Reflecting the heat, as opposed to absorbing the heat, leads to a cooler interior that is easier to climate control.

Cool Roofing Heat Chart More Cool Roofing Benefits

• Thermal Efficiency Improvement

• Increased Interior Comfort

• Decreased Energy Consumption

• Smaller Utility Bills

• Less Wear and Tear on Mechanical Systems

• Better Reflectivity

• Enhanced Thermal Emittance

• Longer Life Span for Roof and Mechanical Systems

• Less Roof Maintenance and Repairs Required

• Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Air Pollution

• Keeps Old, Deteriorated Roofing Materials Out of the Landfill

Almost all of the commercial and industrial flat roofs we see are good candidates for receiving a cool roof coating. If you would like a free assessment of your roof, please contact us today.

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