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Wall Foam Insulation

The addition of wall foam to your home or business office is one of the best ways to save energy costs, control the climate inside, and protect the interior from unwanted airborne pollutants. Wall foam will strengthen your building's structure while it also provides a sound barrier that will make it an even more comfortable and enjoyable place to be. And the best part, all of the benefits of spray foam wall insulation are immediate - the energy savings, the healthier living environment, the noise reduction - all the benefits of a well insulated home or office begin as soon as the foam is installed. Spray foam will continue working as long as it does not get damaged.

We use specially designed tools and equipment to fill the wall cavity on new or existing construction. That's right, even if your building is completely sheet rocked and finished, we can add foam inside the walls, above the ceiling, and even to the roof to make the building's entire envelope completely air tight and energy efficient.

Spray Foam R-Values ChartThe R-value and Insulation Standards

The R-value is a number used within the construction and building industry to designate the thermal resistance of a particular construction material. Thermal resistance is the measurement of the difference in temperature as heat flows through that particular material. The higher a material's R-value, the better it's insualtive properties. The chart to the right gives you a good idea of the R-values for many common construction materials. Typically speaking, due to so many application variables, spray foam has an R-value of approximately 6.0 per 1 inch of thickness. The chart makes clear that the best way to insulate any structure is with spray foam insulation - hardly anything else comes close.

Stop a Little Air Flow, Save A Lot of Energy

According to the US Department of Energy, the average home looses 40% of its energy due to poor air filtration. The more the air from outside a structure that can seep inside and the more the air from inside can seep out, the more energy is lost from the structure. Since wall foam is seamless when sprayed in place and can take shape it is applied to, wall foam is air tight. Air drafts are minimized and the structure's envelope becomes energy and efficiently sealed.

Every building is unique and some may not be good candidates for wall foam, but we are happy to assess your building, your needs, and budget to see which systems we offer are best for you. Plus, we offer this assessment for free. Contact us if you are interested in learning more or setting up a free assessment of your home or office building.

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